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The Transportation Learning Center (the Center) organizes multiple national training consortia to develop standards-based national training courseware for frontline occupations in public transportation organizations.

Rail courseware is currently organized into three broad categories - “Rail Car Training Consortium Materials”, “Signals Training Consortium Materials”, and “Traction Power Training Consortium Materials”. Materials are based on the national rail vehicle maintenance training standards, rail signals maintenance training standards, and traction power maintenance training standards published by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).  Courseware Development Teams (CDTs), comprised of subject matter experts and instructional designers, hold regular webinars, site visits and in-person meetings to produce these materials.

Please use the navigation on the right to locate courseware of your interest. Access to full downloads and technical assistance for training and apprenticeship implementation is provided to members in good standing. Please contact our staff members listed under each consortium for information on membership.

100 Level Courses

Course TP100: Overview, General Safety, and Regulations of Traction Power Systems

Tags: traction powertoolsstandard practicessafetyregulatory authorityppe for traction maintainersoverviewintroductionhistory of traction power

This course helps the participant review major safety concerns and safety standards, cover the federal agencies that regulate health and safety for traction power, and identify the common tools used by traction power maintainers.

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Course TP101: Introduction to Traction Power Distribution and Control Systems

Tags: transfomertraction powerscadarectifierpower distributionintroductionenergy storage system

This course, provides participants with an overview to the principles of traction power systems as they prepare to work on overhead and third rail traction power systems for a public transportation agency. This course is one in the series of Consortium courses on traction power.

Note: Additional course materials will be available after September 2023.

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Course TP102: Introduction to Substations

Tags: traction powersubstationssubstationintroduction

This course presents an overview of the functions and major components of a traction power substation. Content will include how substations transform and transmit power to the rail car.

Note: Additional course materials will be available after September 2023.

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Course TP103: Introduction to Overhead Systems

Tags: traction poweroverhead systemoverhead line systemoverheadline systemlinecontact systemcatenary system

This course introduces participants to overhead line system infrastructure, its major components and their principles of operation.

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Course TP104: Introduction to Third Rail Systems

Tags: traction powerthird rail systemsthird railintroduction


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