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The Transit Training Network is part of an industry-wide effort aimed at strengthening transit training programs. This website provides a platform for industry occupational training committee members and local training practitioners to view the most updated industry training standards, and share and rate courseware developed by committees or individual agencies. For more information on the website, click “About” above. 

To access restricted areas of the website, please click here and complete the sign-up form. Indicate areas of courseware you are interested in, and a site administrator will contact you to discuss any requirements that may be associated and set up your login. Once logged in, you may also share courseware and other training materials developed by your agency in the Transit Training Forums. To share courseware without a login, please email

Recently Added

Searchable Inventory of Signal Technologies

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​This searchable inventory of signaling technologies that each signal consortium location is using also includes contact information for each member location. This inventory is meant to enable consortium members to directly connect to locations with the same technologies when they have a question, problem or need replacement parts.

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Elevator/Escalator Consortium Course Catalog

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Since 2010, elevator/escalator maintenance subject matter experts from 5 member agencies and unions worked with instructional systems designers from the Transportation Learning Center to create training materials. The list of courseware as of Summer 2020 is listed in this document.

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