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Course 107: Introduction and Overview to Signaling Power Distribution

Tags: power distribution

​The purpose of the Introduction and Overview of Signaling Power Distribution course is to provide the participant with an introduction to signal power distribution. This introduction will include basic terminology, regulations and oversight specific to highway grade crossings, general highway grade crossing components, control circuits and warning systems.

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Course 207: Signal Power Distribution Inspection and Maintenance

Tags: power feedpower distributionphoto-voltaic systemsmotor generator setscircuit equipment

​Course 207, Signal Power Distribution Inspection and Maintenance, is a two-module course that provides steps for participants to follow when inspecting and maintaining signal power distribution systems.

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Course TP101: Introduction to Traction Power Distribution and Control Systems

Tags: transfomertraction powerscadarectifierpower distributionintroductionenergy storage system

This course, provides participants with an overview to the principles of traction power systems as they prepare to work on overhead and third rail traction power systems for a public transportation agency. This course is one in the series of Consortium courses on traction power.

Note: Additional course materials will be available after September 2023.

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Course TP201: Inspection and Maintenance of Power Distribution Systes

Tags: scadapower distributionpowermaintenanceline diagraminspectiondc switchgearcontrol systemscircuit breakerbusbarac switchgear

Course TP201, Inspection and Maintenance of Traction Power Distribution, steps participants through inspecting, maintaining, performing electrical tests, and other necessary tasks on certain equipment in the traction power distribution system.

Note: Additional course materials will be available after September 2023.

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