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Traction Power Consortium Course Catalog

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Launched in early 2020, the National Traction Power Training Consortium a four-year project that is developing ready-to-use training materials for upskilling new and experienced traction power technicians working in public transportation. The Consortium is a group of public transportation agencies that are members of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). Within these agencies, traction power systems are also referred to as rail or train electrification systems. Each participating agency assigns two subject matter experts (SMEs) to advise instruction designers, provide content, and help shape the Consortium courses. As of June 2022, ten agencies are working with the International Transportation Learning Center on the Traction Power Consortium to develop 16 courses.

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Course 304: Troubleshooting APS and Battery Systems

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Course 304, Troubleshooting and Repair of Auxiliary Power Supply and Battery Systems, is a two-module course that provides participants with the essential steps in approaching troubleshooting and repair of APS and battery systems on U.S. transit light and heavy rail cars.

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Course 305: Troubleshooting Friction Braking Systems

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Course 305, Troubleshooting Friction Braking Systems, provides participants with the essential steps to approach troubleshooting and repair of friction braking systems on U.S. transit light and heavy rail vehicles. Course participants engage in a series of activities that help them prepare to troubleshoot friction brakes on passenger rail cars. This course is organized into four modules. Please note that Module 1 is specific to pneumatic braking and Module 2 to hydraulic braking. The course instructor may choose to use one or both of these modules depending on their training needs.

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Course 109 Introduction and Overview to Rail Vehicle Doors

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Course 109, Introduction and Overview of Rail Vehicle Doors, is a three-module course that provides participants with an overview of the principles of rail vehicle doors and their major components.

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