Transit Coach Operator Competency-based Framework

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Full Competency-based Occupational Framework for Registered Apprenticeship for Transit Coach Operator/Bus Operators

Note: the O*NET Code has been updated to 53-3052.00.


Using the Competency-Based Occupational Framework to Develop a Registered Apprenticeship Program

When developing a registered apprenticeship program, the Work Process Schedule included in this CBOF provides an overview of the job functions and competencies an expert peer group deemed to be important to this occupation. The Work Process Schedule in this document can be used directly, or modified and used to describe your program content and design as part of your registration application. When designing the curriculum to support the apprenticeship program – including on the job training and related technical instruction – the more detailed information in Section 5 could be helpful. These more detailed job function documents include recommendations for the key knowledge and skill elements that might be included in the classroom instruction designed to support a given job function, and the performance criteria provided under each competency could be helpful to trainers and mentors in evaluating apprentice performance and insuring inter-rater reliability when multiple mentors are involved.


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