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Course 211 Escalator-Specific Handrail Installation & Maintenance

Tags: troubleshootingsafetymaintenanceinstallationhandrail installationhandrail drivehandrailescalator

Course 211, Escalator-Specific Handrail Installation and Maintenance, assists the participant in demonstrating proper safety procedures and a working knowledge of the functions of various escalator handrail components, controls, and assemblies.

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Course 250: Introduction to Installation and Construction Standards

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This course presents an introduction to Installation and Construction standards relevant to signal maintainers. Participants will be familiar with these systems from previous coursework and job experience. In this course they will learn about the Construction standards used when the systems are installed or repaired. There will be a review of basic terminology; common components; common types of equipment. This course will introduce standard setting agencies, regulations, and oversight specific to these systems, as well as understanding agency prints, OEM documentation, how to perform repairs and reinstallations, and testing. Content is supplemented with examples to support participants’ successful application of the course to their work.

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