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Course 202: Inspection and Maintenance of Truck Systems

Tags: wheelstrucks,secondary suspensionprimary suspensionmaintenanceinspectionground brushgearboxbolsteraxles

Course 202, Inspection and Maintenance of Truck Systems, steps participants through performing inspection and maintenance on rail car trucks. This course has four modules that cover topics on the rail vehicle’s suspension, frame, bolster, gearbox, wheel, and axle systems.

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Course 302: Troubleshooting Truck Systems

Tags: truckstroubleshootingsuspensionground brush,gearboxbolsteraxles

Course 302, Troubleshooting Truck Systems, provides participants with an overview to troubleshooting railcar truck systems. This course examines probable causes of symptoms relating to the truck’s suspension, frame, bolster, gearboxes, wheels, and axles. Troubleshooting is presented within four categories of symptoms: Poor ride quality; air and oil leaks; ground brushes; and carbody leaning and incorrect car height.

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