Measuring Up: Volume 2

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​Measuring Up: Volume 2 series goes beyond earlier research by calculating transit return on its investment in this particular kind of partnership-based, data-driven training program.


​This report seeks to isolate the contribution of the new training program from the other factors that simultaneously impact transit maintenance and operations. The wide range of changing conditions surrounding any transit training program – changes in fleet composition and age, weather, management strategies, workplace practices, the labor-relations climate, and so forth – make this further analysis a challenge. But it is a challenge the Center is committed to pursuing. Volume 2 builds on research conducted by the Center over the past five years. In 2003 Pennsylvania Transit on the High Road examined the history of Pennsylvania’s innovative Keystone Transit Career Ladder Partnership and reported leadership impressions. In 2004 Making a Difference showed that workers receiving Keystone training and their supervisors perceived the program to be extremely valuable. The Measuring Up series seeks to explore quantitative changes in the key components of transit operations and their linkages to the new Keystone maintenance training. Its first volume was completed in January 2005.


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